Zanzibar like any other place in the world has become a victim of the COVID-19 epidemic. To date, Zanzibar has 105 confirmed cases and more than 400 cases under follow-up. Apart from causing a massive healthcare crisis, COVID-19 challenge has posed many other social and economic challenges whereby the highest GDP contributing sector i.e tourism has been extremely laid off, education sector been affected by closure of schools and higher learning institutions and healthcare sector being massively overwhelmed. Zanzibar Innovation community needs to come out and work for solutions that will help tackle mega COVID 19 and its associated challenges. To contribute in solutions creation, co-working and co-creation efforts are timely needed now than later. Zanzibar COVID-19 Hackathon is an open innovation challenge that brings together Zanzibar innovative minds to work together and address challenges presented by COVID-19. This is an opportunity to ideate, prototype and pitch ideas that will be implemented as a part of massive local solutions for the global crisis. The Hackathon Zanzibar COVID-19 Hackathon is a virtual 4 days event that will bring together innovators to hack and design solutions for both tech and non-tech approaches. This Hackathon will be based into three thematic areas, these include healthcare, education and Business Support. Hackathon participants will be divided into teams in which each team will contain 4-6 members who will be working on a specific area. Each area will have two teams. Each team will be tasked to develop an innovative and scalable concept aligned with the hackathon thematic areas. Their proposed solutions will be implemented and scaled for a mass consumption. The implementation of these ideas will be facilitated by partners and other stakeholders who are directly related with thematic areas proposed and want to see innovative solutions in their specific areas.

Expected Results

Upon conducting the Zanzibar COVID-19 Hackathon, the following results are expected to be achieved.
● Improved collaboration in tackling COVID-19 associated challenges
● Bringing innovative COVID-19 solutions to the market
● Assist the fight against COVID-19 and associated challenges Partners Zanzibar COVID-19

Hackathon is a partnership between various organizations that have teamed up to bring innovative solutions to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

These include; HDIF, UKAID, D-Tree, Milele Zanzibar Foundation and facilitated by Cube Zanzibar, ADViMPACT, Drone Wings, ZAFAYCO and Pamoja Youth Initiatives.

Proposed Timeline  

1. 05th May 2020 Call for application open
2. 09th May 2020 Deadline for application
3. 10th – 11th May 2020 Screening for application
4. 12th May 2020 Notification of the Hackathon attended
5. 13th – 15th May 2020 Online Training
6. 16th May 2020 Pitching of the idea (each team will have specified Time slots)
7. 19th May 2020 Notification of the solution that will be funded
8. 20th May 2020 Work on solution with winning team 

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